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You can add a bit of 1911 pistol flare to your personal style by carrying our patented 1911 Guardian I Sword Cane. It has a handle that closely mimics the characteristics of a 1911 pistol grip in terms of size, shape and thickness, and it features thin, pebble grain synthetic grips. If you choose, you can modify your cane to your own tastes, because it can accommodate most custom 1911 pistol grips easily. The tough and sturdy shaft is made from seamless 6065 Aluminum with a 3mm wall thickness. Its heat treated for strength so that it can support heavier loads without breaking. Its also capped with a custom-made rubber ferrule for extra traction, so it resists slipping or sliding on wet, icy or uneven surfaces. The blade is made from 10mm thick 4116 stainless steel and is heat treated to a hard, spring temper.

Weight: Sword=34.6 oz. | Cane=24.4 oz.
Blade Thickness: 10mm
Blade Length: 19in
Blade Steel: 4116 Stainless
Handle Length/Material: 6065 Aluminum
Overall Length: 37-3/4in
Picture illustrates Cane Sword open and closed.
Sold individually.